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Dental Fillings at Rivergum Smiles

Combatting Cavities

smiling person in dental chairCavities are one of the most common types of dental infections to affect our patients’ smiles. While some areas of tooth decay can be completely symptom free, others may raise attention through symptoms like

  • Sensitivity when eating certain foods
  • Throbbing or sharp pain during the day
  • Visible openings or rough edges along your tooth
  • Problems with food getting caught during meals
It’s best to treat cavities early, as they can spread to neighbouring teeth. Repairing the area with a small cavity is the best option. If decay goes undiagnosed, it tends to work its way into the nerve of the tooth, resulting in an abscess.

Types of Fillings That We Offer

At Rivergum Smiles provide an option of traditional amalgam and minimally-invasive composite (white) fillings. Depending on which tooth is affected and the size of your cavity, one type of filling may be more appropriate than the other. For cavities toward the front of your mouth, we’re able to match the shade of composite to the tooth’s natural colour. This step provides a less-noticeable restoration that blends in with your overall smile.

Planning for Your Appointment

During your filling procedure, we’ll numb the tooth to prevent any sensitivity or discomfort as the cavity is being removed. The numbness can take a few hours to completely wear off, so plan accordingly. We also offer gentle sedation dentistry (nitrous oxide) to help you feel more relaxed or calm any anxiety that you may be experiencing.

Think You Have a Cavity?

If you’re experiencing possible symptoms of decay, we encourage you to schedule an exam and X-ray to assess your tooth as soon as possible. Early steps can mean the difference between a small filling or a crown and root canal. Same-day appointments are available!


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