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New Patients at Rivergum Smiles

Step-by-Step Care

happy family brushing teethThe first visit to a new dentist can be daunting, but don’t worry: the Rivergum Smiles team has a friendly and gentle approach that will put you at ease.

First, we gather as much information as possible regarding your medical history and previous experiences with dentists. We ask all new patients to complete a medical history form on arrival. If you are an elderly patient, please bring a list of your medications.

To fully understand your position, the team at Rivergum Smiles evaluates how you feel about dentistry — scared, nervous, stressed, or casually okay.

Thoughtful Reassurance

If necessary, Dr George’s wife counsels and reassures our patients by talking through their fear in a quiet room, prior to heading to the procedures room. Let us know if you would like to speak with her. Extra time is allocated as necessary, to ensure the visit is a calm, relaxed and positive experience overall.

Initially, Rivergum Smiles dentists spend time getting to know new patients and assessing their feelings and level of anxiety. Once you are comfortable and relaxed, the dentist will have a look and discuss any necessary treatment and options. Sometimes it just helps to have a friend with you.

Our dentists encourage nervous patients to bring a close family member or friend along so that it becomes more of a group consultation. If you are still extremely nervous, laughing gas is an option, but in 20 years of experience, Dr George has found those who bring a loved one along tend to be much more relaxed and often don’t need sedation.

X-rays are available on-site, but the need and cost are always discussed with you prior.

Insurance & Payment Plans

Rivergum Smiles accepts all dental insurance and has an HICAPS machine on-site. Payment plans are offered privately to patients known to the practice. Dr George avoids private payment plan companies, as the interest rates are just too expensive, and instead offers plans at his own risk for the benefit of patients.

At Rivergum Smiles, we always put patients first. Contact ustoday to learn how we can help you.


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