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Tooth Contouring at Rivergum Smiles

Reshaping Your Mill Park Smile

person smiling in dental chairWhen there are things we don’t like about having a body that’s out of shape, we can see a professional about having it contoured for aesthetic purposes. Fortunately, dental contouring is a real thing, too!

Cosmetic tooth contouring allows us to easily fix and smooth out aesthetic concerns such as teeth that are crooked, uneven, chipped or overlapping. Best of all, contouring is essentially pain-free and offers extremely fast results.

What is Tooth Recontouring?

During your visit, we’ll make minor modifications such as smoothing out imperfections or bonding over uneven edges to make them appear whole again. Removing a thin layer of enamel creates a more uniform appearance without compromising the health or structural integrity of your teeth. As the surface is smoothed out, your new tooth shape takes form.

In most cases, recontouring can be completed without any numbing or sedation. We can also combine it with other treatments such as veneers, whitening or crowns. It’s a straightforward and efficient way to correct minor to moderate aesthetic concerns in your overall smile. For areas that don’t need to be taken down in size, we can place tooth coloured bonding over the enamel to build up uneven edges or to fill in gaps.

Are You a Candidate?

Before a tooth can be contoured, we need to make sure that it’s structurally sound and healthy, with no active decay in the area of concern. A brief examination is usually all that’s needed to determine if you’re a candidate for this procedure.

Same Day Appointments

You might be surprised at how such a simple and affordable cosmetic procedure can affect your overall appearance. If you have one or two teeth with enamel irregularities, we invite you to schedule a consultation to find out how our dentists can help.


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